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Where bright lights gather

Neurochild is our first pilot ecosystem and a project close to all our hearts as it’s the initial way that many of our team members first connected with each other to pioneer in designing the Neuro ecosystem.

We have all been inspired by the Charles Raison quote:

“One generation of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation, and with that, the world.”
Dr. Charles Raison, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Ecology

and through our loves of neuroscience, neuroethics, systems theory, and values-based community, Neurochild slowly grew beyond the bounds of child-focused ways to help the world create healthy brains. It burgeoned into something that transcended the love and concern we all felt for our own children and those in our communities, and in doing so tapped into an endless well of love, support, hope and progress for the best of the human condition. From the spark of Neurochild grew a wild and free Village of over 20,000 like-minded people, and a team of over 50 diverse and passionate team members from over 20 different countries and backgrounds – the beginnings of a whole Neuro movement dedicated to something better for all of us.

By harnessing our team’s dedication to tomorrow’s generations, the Neuro team has built community technologies that “walk the talk” with clear-cut and transparent data goals that serve specific and humanity-inspired purposes – to work towards improving healthy brains; nurtured selves; robust families; thriving communities; fair organisations, prosperous regions, and a flourishing humanity.

Neurochild came together because none of us wanted our children and the children within our communities to encounter the predominant model of internet interaction that exists today online. We wanted something kinder; something scientifically validated; something that built towards a better, balanced and more connected tomorrow – both inside our brains and for the planet.

And so although today Neuro has grown into an entire social network, a knowledge ecosystem, a user-generated content marketplace and a ground-breaking ethical technology, it’s all thanks to the flame that first started within the Neurochild team.

Neurochild now exists as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) within Neuro’s system of nested partner organisations, where we all operate with shared technologies and give our values-based teams a share in the outcome.

Neurochild Community has helped us develop the Community Code that informs the Neuro social ecosystem

Community Code

We encourage community empowerment with our Community Code that we implement across all levels of social interaction:

  1. You are not alone
  2. Diversity is the lifeblood of humanity
  3. There is a child inside all of us
  4. There is a teacher inside all of us
  5. Around here is a safe space, free of judgment and aggression
  6. You can be vulnerable
  7. Laughter is good
  8. People only thrive when they feel safe; and we need thriving people if we want a better world
  9. You can be whoever you want to be here – just start today
  10. You never know what someone else has been through (and sometimes we don’t even know what we’ve been through ourselves!)
  11. There is no such thing as ‘normal’
  12. We all make mistakes
  13. People can change
  14. We’re all gifted in our own unique way
  15. Wisdom is more powerful when it’s shared
  16. It’s best to admit what you don’t know
  17. Nothing is outside the bounds of discussion – but the touchier the topic, the more mindful we need be
  18. It’s ok to have beliefs; that’s what makes us who we are
  19. Everything was dreamed of before it became a reality; the world needs more dreamers
  1. If something pushes your buttons, look inside before you look outside
  2. Life is not zero-sum; win/win situations exist if we look hard enough
  3. Selfcare and self-betterment are not selfish
  4. Follow your heart from a position of strength; your emotional guidance system won’t lead you astray
  5. We’re all learning until the day we die
  6. There’s no such thing as a village idiot; only a person you don’t understand
  7. Love the people you don’t understand; they will teach you the most
  8. In a learning environment, intention is more important than result
  9. In a creative environment, intention equals result
  10. In a productive environment, intention leads to result
  11. It’s up to you whether you consider this a learning, creative or productive environment, but remember we’re all different
  12. Nothing happens by coincidence – if you’re here, you’re here for a reason
  13. It’s ok to leave; follow your path
  14. The future is not written; we can make this community anything we want it to be together.