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Don’t let knowledge be served to you

Approach it

Interact with it

Understand it

Neuro is an innovative, neuroscience-informed social platform that improves neural literacy, helps people interact with information, and mobilises knowledge.


Neuro is a sustainable socio-technical system that uses ethical technology. We are building a new type of social platform based on neuroscience for peers and citizens to collectively mobilise knowledge together.

Sharing without agendas

Community without toxicity

Science without boundaries

Connection without data misuse

Mission Statement

Neuro’s mission is to mobilise knowledge together by engaging communities to build a social ecosystem that supports human flourishing.

Vision Statement

Neuro’s vision is to achieve measurable, replicable,  positive improvements in human well-being across the world using the power of brain science.

Values Statement

Neuro is a community group focused on the social innovation inherent in living systems— growing healthy brains to grow a healthy world. We do this by enacting the values of transparency, empowerment, positive social support, diversity, collective individualism, sustainability, and compassion in all that we do.



Sign up to Neuro and apply to become one of our accredited Neuro Peers who are integral to knowledge mobilisation. Provide a light, democratic peer review with one click of a button. Our platform can offer a fair and distributed model of scientifically validating knowledge for the public.


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A social knowledge platform made for brains

What would the internet be like if it had been created with today’s knowledge of brain health?

The internet is much of the limitless knowledge of cumulative humanity stored in one accessible place, more than our ancient brains could ever approach, interact with, or understand without careful help and cognitive framing. It’s surprising and concerning on a societal level that the norm for accessing the internet consists of a choice between starting up a proprietary search engine or app, or passively approaching an algorithmically-ordered social media feed. We have no other choices.

At Neuro, we propose that there should be a third choice— a new, civic type of space that serves as a portal for first interactions with the internet. This is a long-haul plan, because such an interface needs some common sense provisos developed in place to avoid the problems of its predecessors, including the agility and social structure to develop in tight collaboration with its users —who then become co-creators and participants.

Neuro, as a community group of global volunteers, has been developing a humanity-inspired ecosystem that can facilitate this much needed digital transformation.

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Neuro ecosystem is built around data feature values with moral foundations, such as:

● Transparency

● Empowerment

● Positive Social Support

● Diversity

● Collective Individualism

● Sustainability

● Compassion

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